The Community Governance Review

A Community Governance Review is being undertaken by Cornwall County Council. During this process, Falmouth has taken this as an opportunity to apply to seize from Budock Parish large swathes of our adjoining land. The consequences of these changes would be both financial and will erode our rural status.

It is vitally important that you understand the implications, as the views of the public will be the most important aspect in resisting Falmouth’s objectives.

A questionnaire is being sent to all homes in the parish soon, it is important that you return those by the 30th September as your views are of vital importance to the process.

The review panel are duty bound to read all responses and take those into account as part of the process.


What is the Community Governance Review?

Community Governance explained booklet

Cornwall Council web page with useful Links


Please note the proposed changes to boundaries made by neighbouring areas of Penryn Town Council and Falmouth Town Council in the document linked below

Budock Parish Council’ Submission

More updates soon